Jeep Wagoneer 4BT Engine mounts.

Many of you have expressed your desire for Jeep Wagoneer 4BT Motor Mounts so you can build your own diesel Wagoneer. I personally thing that is a brilliant idea so let’s get stated!

I am working with an amazing engineer to design and manufacture a 4BT Motor Mount Kits for the Jeep Wagoneer.

The goal:

Our labor starts at $5,000 for a diesel conversion, we want to provide a kit for a  fraction of the cost. by providing a complete engine mount Kit that our customers can take and install without welding to the frame.

The product:

What will be in the box?

  • This kick ass kit will come with liquid filled rubber mounts for optimal vibration dampening.
  • You will get the part that bolts to the engine and the part that bolts to the frame.
  • All hardware will be included
  • I will make an extremely detailed video of the installation process and provide an instruction manual for easy reference.
  • A transmission cross member that will fit a NV4500, TF727, or the 47RH
  • A liquid filled transmission mount.
  • Full access to our team for trouble shooting issues. Make us a short video of the problem and send it to us so we can analyze and help you find a solution!

The Price:

It looks like the price will be $697.00

We Need Your Help to make this happen:

There are a couple ways that you can help us make this happen.

  • Give us your feedback on what you would like to see in the final product.
  • Tell us about a vehicle you would like to have a kit for.
  • We need 10 people to commit to buying a kit!

Send me an email: aaron@aaronreevesgarage.com


Specializing in Custom fabrication, restoration, lift kits and Diesel Conversions for all Jeeps.
Want more torque? Increased fuel economy? Reliability and Fun? We have options for you.

On average our engine conversions increase the efficiency by 20 – 35%. That means your Jeep Wrangler is capable of 25 MPG.

The unarguable “Cool Factor’ is a component that most will choose to overlook when considering a swap. We feel it is important that you feel good in the vehicle you drive, and the diesel conversion adds a lot of cool points.

The low RPM torque this type of diesel swap provides is incredible. There will be no issues pulling your buddies broken Gasser out of the most tretcherous trails! Torque is the component that gets the wheels rolling. You will notice easier takeoffs, benefiting your vehicles drive train with lower stress, resulting in less wear and tear on your clutch, u joints and transmission.

One of the most important aspects we can offer is the incredible reliability you will see with our diesel swap. On the road you will get years of use and miles of memories. On the trail you can expect to benefit from a cooler running engine, even if you get mud caked on the radiator and block. There are no carb issues on steep inclines, and you will barely see the fuel gauge move after a whole day of wheeling.

Every conversion that leaves our shop will have the appearance and functionality of a factory installed diesel.


Aaron Reeves Garage was bred from a passion. Upon swapping and selling a few vehicles our owner Aaron Reeves realized that he made a decent profit doing something he considered playing. Years of a succesful carreer as a heavy diesel mechanic positioned Aaron to make this switch in carreers seamless.
The business was developed and now we just play for a living. This is truly a labor of love and our work shows it in everything we do. There are no cutting corners to hurry up. We would do it for free if we could!

We build all types of vehicles, with a special interest in Jeeps. We are capable of meeting any request you have in the field of custom fabrication and engineering. Please send your questions and we will do our best to answer them in a timely fashion.